1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Pocket!

Kit includes:

You need:


1. Cut off bottom of your pocket
Don't remove the whole pocket
2. Insert your RealPocket
Align the straight side of the RealPocket with the outside of the pant leg
The RealPocket should be placed near the top of the existing pocket, deep enough so no fabric is showing
3. Add a fastener in the corner
A fastener is the snap top hammered into a socket
How to add a fastener:
A. Push the snap top through the jeans and fabric
This should be as close to the edge of the RealPocket as possible
B. Place the socket under the snap top
The jeans and one side of the RealPocket should be sandwiched between the snap top and the socket

The side shown here should face the snap tops and should not be visible

C. Use the setter and base to hold the fasteners together
D. Hammer!
This should be done on a hard surface
You just need a few solid whacks
4. Repeat the previous step 7 times
Add 2 fasteners in the middle and 1 in the corner
Try to place the fasteners evenly apart
Repeat this for the other side of the pocket
Prevent wrinkles by checking that the RealPocket fabric is flush against the pants fabric before adding each fastner
If there's a 5th pocket, it may be difficult to get the snap top through the fabric
5. Celebrate with your new pocket!!
You have a RealPocket!
Do you have extra sockets or snap tops?
No worries, those are replacements in case anything goes amiss