The Real Life Tale Of The RealPocket

Have you ever wondered why women's pockets are so small? That's usually the first question I get when I talk about the RealPocket. If that's a question you find yourself asking, check out the podcast Pockets: Articles of Interest by 99% Invisible.

But you're not here for pocket history, you're here for RealPocket's history.

Hi, I'm Melissa and thanks for checking out the RealPocket. I came up for the idea for the RealPocket after a friend shared a story that her phone was stolen right out of her hand as she walked in her own city. After the story, I couldn't let go of the fact that this would have never happened if her jeans had pockets that were large enough to accomodate her phone. All of sudden it hit me - the problem is the jeans but the solution doesn't have to be new jeans, it could be new pockets.

When I began to tell my friends about my idea to replace crappy pockets, I kept on hearing the same thing over and over again - "You've been complaining about the size of your pockets for years, I'm glad you're doing something about it."

The first version of the pocket was complete pocket replacement. As I beta tested the different pocket designs and became more familiar with various solutions, the pocket shrank and shrank until I got to the RealPocket - a revolutionary no-sew and no-show pocket that's large enough for a large mobile phone or wallet or even both!

I believe that pockets should be functional and easy to use and that's exactly what you'll get with a RealPocket.

Do you have any questions or feedback? I'd love to hear them, feel free to email me!

The no-sew and no-show pocket that's large enough for a large mobile phone

The first version of a RealPocket - complete with a koozie attachment!