Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

The RealPocket is a simple solution to the problem of tiny pockets in jeans that doesn't require sewing. When you buy a RealPocket, you'll get almost everything you need: the new pocket, fasteners, and the tools and instructions needed to simply replace your existing pocket. BYO hammer and scissors.

Installation is faster than an episode of The Office: about 20 minutes.
When I created the RealPocket, I didn't have sewing supplies handy and don't expect you to have them either. Instead of sewing, you'll use fasteners to attach the RealPocket to the inside of your pants.
The RealPocket is a replacement for your existing pocket so it occupies the same opening as your existing front pocket. Simply cut off the bottom of your front pocket and your RealPocket will extend through.
My rule of thumb is if you can put your fist into your pocket, your pants can fit a RealPocket.
Unfortunately, no. The RealPocket can only replace an existing pocket.
The RealPocket should work with any sturdy material (ie jeans, khakis, and corduroy). I don't recommend using the RealPocket on extremely stretchy pants.
This will depend on the thickness of your jeans and how tight they are, so I can't say decisively one way or another. If the lining is visible with your current pocket, then it will be visible with the RealPocket.
Unfortunately, no. The RealPocket can only replace an existing pocket.
The fasteners can be removed with minimal damage to the jeans, but you will have cut off the bottom of your original pocket during the installation process, so that is permanent.
I understand there may be some apprehension about permanently altering your pants - but was your pocket functioning to begin with?
Attaching the pocket is very easy:
  1. Cut off the bottom of your pocket
  2. Insert the RealPocket
  3. Add the fasteners to secure the pocket
  4. Celebrate!
For visuals and a step-by-step guide, check out the instructions page.
No worries, this can happen if the two parts of the fastener are not correctly aligned. I include extra fasteners for this exact reason. Need more replacements? Send me an email and I'll send you more for free.
I set out to create the quickest, easiest, and most durable solution for adding a pocket. Since many people don't know how to sew and iron-on solutions only last for a handful of washes, I decided that a fastener is the best solution.

Adding A RealPocket FAQ

When you order a RealPocket, you'll receive:
  • 1 Pocket
  • 8 Fasteners (+4 happy accidents)
  • 1 Tool to attach the fasteners
BYO hammer and scissors.
No one is perfect and I understand that sometimes the socket and snap tops move out of place before you hammer them together. Once the snap tops are bent, they are no longer usable, so I provide extras. The sockets are reusable, but I gave you extras in case you choose not to reuse them.
There's nothing to worry about, you can easily remove this with a pair of pliers. Put one tip of the pliers in the middle of the socket and one outside of it, squeeze down, and pull. The socket should come right off and this shouldn't damage your pants. Afterwards, throw away the socket and the snap top - I provided you extra just in case this happens!
Anything else on your mind? Reach out to at [email protected]