Same Pants, Better Pockets

RealPocket is the no-sew solution to your tiny pockets

Fits What You Need

Plenty of room for your phone and anything else you need to carry

No Sewing Necessary

It's simple! Remove your "fake" pocket, drop in a RealPocket, and secure it without sewing

Enjoy Upgraded Pants

Keep your favorite pants but lose that pesky small pocket

Remove Your Fake Pocket

Did you know that women's pockets have an average length of 3.2in (8.1cm)? That's half the length of men's pockets.

The RealPocket clocks in at 7.5in (19.05cm) long.

Add The RealPocket

Are you tired of pockets that can't fit basic things like your phone or keys?

Simply cut off the bottom of your pocket so you have room for a RealPocket - a bigger, better pocket.

Enjoy A Better Pocket!

It's a snap to add the RealPocket - there's no sewing involved!

Your RealPocket will include any accessories needed to attach the RealPocket to your pants.

Check out the quick start guide to see how easy it is!

Real Fans Of The RealPocket...

"Thanks, this makes my life so much easier!"

- Elena P.

Mother of two youngins

"I love this new pocket! I need to add one to all my jeans"

- Sara F.

"I'm so excited to have a pocket for my phone so I don't have to carry it in my hands anymore"

- Karen M.

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